• Floral Experiences

    Colorful, Timeless, Sophisticated

    Blooming Jasmine

    Jasmin en Fleurs

    The scent of sweet jasmine growing wild along a winding country lane mingles with a loosely-gathered spring bouquet of bluebells, lilac, golden honeysuckle, luminous greens, and a just a hint of lily.

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    Cherry Blossom

    Fleurs De Cerisier

    Infused with the fresh scent of cherry blossoms, presented in friendship to the people of Provence by Japan centuries ago.

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    Climbing Wild Rose

    Rose Sauvage Grimpante

    A fresh scent emanating from a trellis of fresh wild roses embracing the stone walls of a Provençal cottage mingles with dew-covered leafy greens, garden florals, white lotus, musk and smooth woody notes.

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    Lavender Fields

    Champs de Lavande

    Sun-lit lavender fields, freshly-crushed lavender leaf and wildflowers are blended with shimmering greens, wild herbs and fresh woods and accented with sea salt-enriched Mediterranean air.

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    Lush Gardenia

    Gardenia Luxuriante

    Fall under the intoxicating spell of vibrant gardenia, nurtured in a centuries-old greenhouse, and wrapped in touches of apricot, heliotrope, golden ylang-ylang, and sheer vanilla blossom.

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    Violet Bouquet

    Bouquet Violettes

    Infused with the sweet scent of a bouquet of violets gathered on a stroll through a medieval village marketplace

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  • Citrus Experiences

    Fresh, Bright, Cheerful

    Lemon Verbena

    Verveine Citronnée

    The fresh citrus scent of sparkling lemon verbena, grapefruit zest and bergamot is infused with blooming jasmine, tender muguet, and white musk, evoking the sensory image of fresh lemon trees growing amid a cluster of verbena plants.

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    Orange Blossom Honey

    Miel de Fleurs D'Oranger

    The warmth of sweet Provençal honey created from bee hives infused with delicate orange blossoms is further enriched by sheer notes of delicate ylang-ylang, white jasmine, sweet neroli and splashes of musk.

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  • Indulgent Experiences

    Alluring, Refreshing, Adventurous

    Almond Gourmande

    Gourmandise aux Amandes

    The luxurious aroma of a delicious almond-encrusted croissant infused by fresh coconut milk, sun-warmed notes of cherry and sugarcane provides the perfect complement to your morning café au lait.

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    Côte d’Azur

    Côte d'Azur

    Bright bergamot and citrus notes blend with rich herbal olive leaf, soft moss, musk and the scent of lush palm trees swaying gently in the Mediterranean sea breeze.

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    Glazed Apricots

    Abricots Glaces

    Infused with the enticing aroma of fresh apricots in a sugared  Provençal tart

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    Green Tea

    Thé Vert

    Fresh bergamot, citrus lemon and crushed green tea leaves, steeping alongside a Provençal spa bath, are enhanced by an infusion of garden herbs balanced by tea blossom, rose, ambered muguet, and pure musk.

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    Shea Butter

    Beurre de Karité

    A combination of citrus bergamot embraced by leafy greens and a hint of wild rose petals freshened with soft blonde woods, musk conjures up the scent of fresh shea butter just unloaded onto the bustling docks of the port of Marseille.

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